How to use social media effectively


Social media is a vital tool these days for making customers aware of your company or brand. But what’s the best way to use it?

Keep your profile up to date

Keep your branding consistent

As with anywhere else on or offline it’s important to keep your branding consistent

Create great content

This is the best way to create a following and give yourself authority in the area you are in.
It’s also important to share you knowledge to create goodwill and to make people come back to you.

Tailor your approach

Find out which socialĀ  media your customers are primarily using.

Look at how your competitors are using these mediums

Interact with your customers or potential customers

Find out who is mentioning you on social media by doing a search and respond to any comments that they make.

Or you could do a search for people who are talking about the area of business that you are in and interact with them.

Look who is interacting with your competitors – who is following them on Facebook or Twitter or mentioning the competitor on Social Media

Don’t act like a salesman

Don’t be a salesman, just act in a human and friendly way. People don’t want to be sold to on social media.

Set objectives

Have a plan of what you are trying to achieve – how many more followers and customers.

Use Photos

Photographs have twice as much engagement on Social Media as text posts do, so try to get some good photos up.
Instagram is a particularly good way of engaging by using photos. You could post a product or just something general that your customers or potential customers would find interesting, best linked to your product in some way.

Have a competition

But make sure that the prize is something that only people who might buy your product would be interested in, you don’t want to be getting the wrong type of followers. Ideally offer one of your products. Quality rather than quantity is more important when you are trying to get new followers
You could ask followers to postĀ  a photo and then for everyone to vote on which is best.
Make sure that people who enter have to share with their social networks in order to enter.

Have different content on different platforms

If you have the same content on all platforms it looks unprofessional and also people only need to follow you on one of them.

In general Twitter is better for engaging in a conversation and updating something happening in real-time and Facebook is better for making announcements of events and things happening

Use keywords

Use the right keywords that people might be searching to find more about or be interested in.

Be personal

Customers like to feel like they are being spoken to individually rather than as a mass market so try and humanize their experience by answering questions individually.
Don’t ignore negative feedback but try and respond to it. And take the chance to improve whatever was being complained about.
Live chat is also good for engagement with customers.

Encourage your customers to participate

Try to get customers talking about your product.

You could have contests for people to upload things that are related to your product or business.

Offer incentives

You might offer things for people to spread the word about you

Be Patient

Don’t expect immediate results, social media is a long term rather than a short-term thing.

Don’t just concentrate on social media

You also need to keep up your other marketing plans.

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